CHO BOND 700 Series

These pure silver-filled epoxy pastes are designed to meet the demanding requirements of semiconductor and microelectronics packaging. They are one-component systems with a unique combination of excellent die shear strength, low coefficients of thermal expansion, ionic purity, and high ther- mal and electrical conductivities. Each offers an extended working life with vis- cosity and thixotropy suitable for both time/pressure and positive displace- ment dispensing methods. Both are supplied frozen in bulk or standard syringe sizes.


The new dispense system for CHO-BOND 584-29 adhesive features a pair of syringes, one containing a hardener and one with the conductive resin, separated by a connector.

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Is especially well suited for temperature-sensitive, high performance applications. Request Technical Bulletin.

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Die attach adhesive has been optimized for high-speed, automated dispensing. It exhibits no resin bleedout on a variety of substrates and metallizations. Request Technical Bulletin.

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