Cho-Bond 584-29 Syringe PakApplication for Cho Bond 584-29 Syringe Pak

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The new dispense system for CHO-BOND 584-29 syringe pack adhesive features a pair of syringes, one containing a hardener and one with the conductive resin, separated by a connector. The compounds are quickly mixed between the syringes, and one syringe is used to apply the mixed conductive adhesive. A needle can be attached to the dispensing syringe to produce finer beads, or to deposit points of adhesive in hard to reach places. Prior to application, ensure that bonding surfaces are clean and free of any greases, oils or contaminants.

STEP 1Cho Bond 594-29 Syringe pak for Cho Bond 584-29 Syringe pak

Remove the caps from the 584-29 epoxy (dark blue) and hardener (light blue) syringes. Insert the coupler into the threads of one of the syringes and turn in a clockwise motion. Repeat this step for the second syringe.

STEP 2Cho Bond Syringe pak for Cho-Bond 584-20 Syringe Pak

Ensure both syringes are secured tightly with the coupler. Gently mix the epoxy and hardener by filling each syringe 6-8 times.

STEP 3Cho Bond 584-29 Syringe Pack for Syringe Pak

Remove the empty syringe and the coupler. Insert the dispensing needle and turn clockwise. You are now ready to dispense the 584-29 compound.




Product Part number Unit size Price In Stock
10 Kit Package 50-30-584-0029 3 gram Kit (resin & hardener) RFQ Only Yes

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