CHO-BOND 300 Series

These feature large (>50 micron) silver-plated-copper particles that make them well suited for bonding poorly toleranced surfaces. Bond lines should not be thinner than 10 mils. The gritty filler bites through thin, non-conductive surfaces such as oxide layers and MIL-C-5541 Class 3 irridite. Applications include bonding and shielding of cast aluminum housings, conduit bulkhead pass throughs, filters, and fabricated metal cabinets. Note that these compounds should be used only when the seam will not be broken. Request Technical Bulletin 47.

CHO-BOND 360-208

Adhesive/sealant uses a filler blend of pure silver and silver-plated-copper particles to produce superior shielding performance without requiring contact pressure, making it an ideal seal. The low flow properties make it the material of choice for vertical and overhead fillets.

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CHO-BOND 360-20

Is a low-cost, easy-to-mix adhesive/sealant with high lap shear bond strength. It fills large gaps and offers good thermal shock resistance.

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